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Jul 2015

Lubega Herbert

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In his speech, the chief walker (The Vice President of the Republic of Uganda Hon. Prof. Gilbert Bukenya) who was represented by Hon. Dr.  James Baba (MP), Minister of state office of the Vice President noted that the burden of cancers is already felt by government and has affected the overall development of the country. He urged scientists, researchers and academicians who participated at the walk as a matter of urgency to revitalize cancer research so as to establish accurate figures to help government plan for a cancer control program. He applauded UWOCASO for taking the lead to raise awareness about breast and cervical cancers which are the major cause of cancer death in Ugandan women. He pledged on behalf the government of Uganda to support UWOCASO’s activities through its Ministry of Health and government agencies by partnership and collaborative efforts.\r\n\r\nuwocasoslide8Mr. A. M Gakwaya Senior Consultant surgeon at Mulago national referral hospital and advisor to UWOCASO informed participants that the incidence of breast and other cancers was increasing. “According to Mulago medical records, the incidence of breast cancer has increased by 63% in the last 15years and the 5year survivor rate is still worrying at 56%”, he said. He reported that many rural and upcountry cases are not reported since majority of patients die before reaching Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) at Mulago for diagnosis. UCI is the only cancer centre serving 30million people.   Dr. Gakwaya cried out to government to support UWOCASO’s initiative to increase awareness about the disease.

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