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Aug 2015

Uwocaso and Beyond Uganda holds a Cancer awareness campaign in Bugiri.

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On 2nd July 2015, Beyond Uganda Ministries held a one day cancer education & screening camp on the theme “no one should fight cancer alone” at Bugiri Hospital.

Uganda Women’s Cancer Support Organization (UWOCASO) partnered with beyond Uganda to educate the residents of  Bugiri and Busoga region about breast and cervical cancer, counseling the screened women and giving testimonies to them. Over 500 women were screened for breast and cervical cancers.Caplan Gurrola  team leader of outreach from American Cancer Society in his speech he argued the local leaders and Religious leaders to encourage their people to visit the hospitals for medical checkups as one way of fighting cancer and that will supposed those who have diagnosed with cancer to get better treatment as early as possible.

Activities were;

Cancer education, Screening services,Cancer Health talks, Survivor testimonies, Music dance and drama

Leah Kasule giving one-on-one Counseling.

Awarding of cancer survivors the medals for educating and their awareness work to the public about cancer.









Sponsored by Capulan Gurrola ( U.S Director Beyond Uganda)  and Tom Dolan & Lois Dolan (American Cancer Society representatives)


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