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Sep 2015


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Survivors are experts by experience. We visit cancer patients in main hospitals of Kampala and in their homes and to provide navigation through the journey to overcome obstacles and find the best care. We are dedicated to helping you cope with the physical and psychological challenges of cancer and treatment by advising on how to survive and thrive in the Ugandan medical system and beyond.\r\n\r\nWe give you and your loved ones the right information you need to survive, to dispel cancer myths, and sidestep exploitation in Ugandan clinics. We provide educational materials, tell you where to receive free quality treatment and care, share tips on how to manage the treatment’s side effects, and prepare you for all stages of the journey, even after survival to generate a livelihood.\r\n\r\nBreast cancer survivors meet every end of the month to share their journey through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. These meetings encourage newly diagnosed women to live positively.

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