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Mar 2017

City Tyres fulfils commitment to double your donation towards Breast Cancer awareness campaign.

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City Tyres Marketing Manager Herbert Bashasha handing ten thousand (10,000) pink ribbons to UWOCASO Chairperson to sell and raise funds towards the project.

City Tyres Marketing Manager Herbert Bashasha Handing over pink ribbons to UWOCASO Chairperson.

Kampala Uganda 7th, March 2017, Mandela Group of Companies fulfils its commitment to match all donations by the public through donation boxes that were placed at Cafe Javas and City Tyres outlets in Kampala eight months ago.
City Tyres Marketing Manager Herbert Bashasha applauded UWOCASO for the efforts in increasing awareness about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Uganda. This was at City Tyres’ Head Quarters on 6th, street Industrial area when handing over a cheque of Uganda shillings twenty two million (22m) to UWOCASO’s Board Chair. The function was organized to honor the Mandela group Chairman’s pledge to match every shilling that was donated by the public into the boxes.

On behalf of City Tyres, Mr. Bashasha cautioned UWOCASO leadership to remain accountable to their donors a value that Mandela group based on to support the cause. He mentioned that the group is committed to continue supporting UWOCASO’s efforts in improving access to cancer information that meaningfully change lives of women and girls in Uganda.  “On behalf of our Chairman Alhaji Omar Mandela, I hand over the cheque to UWOCASO Chair to honor our pledge” Bashasha stressed.

At the same function he announced a donation of ten thousand (10,000) pink ribbons worth Uganda shillings fifty million (50m) printed for UWOCASO to sell and raise funds toward awareness and patient support activities. These were also handed over to UWOCASO members.
“The group is happy to continue this partnership and the donation boxes will be placed back to the outlets and the public is encouraged to continue donating” Mr.Bashasha said.
The initiative was launched on 30th July, 2016, with twenty (20) donation boxes that were placed in all cafe Javas and City Tyres outlets in Kampala and Entebbe. During the function Alhaji Omar Mandela committed to match all the donations in those boxes in order to double UWOCASO’s impact in the fight against breast cancer in Uganda.

In October 2016, the boxes were opened and proceeds counted totaled to Uganda Shillings eleven million (11m), which is doubled today by City Tyres.

In appreciation, UWOCASO’s Chairperson Mrs. Rebecca K. Mayengo expressed the organization gratitude to City Tyres for the partnership to increase access to cancer information and provision of supportive services to women and their families fighting cancer.
She informed members that UWOCASO is finalizing a strategic plan which is focusing on; – Information and awareness, supportive care, knowledge building and organizational sustainability therefore UWOCASO’s partnership with Mandela Group of Companies is timely to support these programs. She called upon corporates, media, individuals and civil society organizations (CSOs) to join the fight against cancer. “Nobody can fight cancer alone ”Rebecca said. She lamented that UWOCASO is implementing programs with challenges of accommodation especially for the patients navigated by members.  She pledged that UWOCASO has built strong structures for governance, finance and a five year strategic plan therefore; the donation received will be put to proper use based on the system in place. She emphasized the need for a concerted effort involving all stakeholders to reduce cancer burden in Uganda.

We express our sincere appreciation to the public for your contributions in the donation boxes, management and staff of Mandela group of Companies for the cooperation and support in this fundraising initiative aimed at Breast cancer awareness campaign.

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Mar 2017


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December16th 2016, a team of Eighteen including research assistant data entry clerks and investigators who were the core staff in UWOCASO’s study “Assessment of clinical and Psychological needs of MBC patients, Challenges and gaps in meeting their needs in Uganda” attended a full day training workshop which was facilitated by UCIREC team led by Maria Musisi and Annet Nakaganda.
The training emphasized Protecting Human Participants, Ethical Consideration in research activities involving Human Participants how research has evolved since 1939. The team pointed out the significant historical events that brought about the birth of Ethical guidelines for Human Research Participants. During the workshop UCIREC team educated UWOCASO staff, about the National regulatory bodies and the importance of understanding their requirements when developing research projects.
The team was taken through various documents, procedures that are needed for a successful research study. Which included; details of informed consent, Logs, (Standard Operations Procedures) SOPS, designing a study protocol and compliances, Maria emphasized the need to understand the parties involved in any research study and must be well understood by each party at the beginning of the project. She informed the trainees that the parties in question include donors, sponsors and investigators to understand each other’s roles and responsibilities.
She emphasized that the relationship between parties must be legally binding. The training built UWOCASO’S capacity and prepared the institution for future research projects.
This work has been supported by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) challenges grant.

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