Mar 2017

Uwocaso Survivors Gained Knowledge in Research Ethics.

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December 16th 2016, a team of Eighteen including research assistant data entry clerks and investigators who were the core staff in UWOCASO’s study “Assessment of clinical and Psychological needs of MBC patients, Challenges and gaps in meeting their needs in Uganda” attended a full day training workshop which was facilitated by UCIREC team led by Maria Musisi and Annet Nakaganda.
The training emphasized Protecting Human Participants, Ethical Consideration in research activities involving Human Participants how research has evolved since 1939. The team pointed out the significant historical events that brought about the birth of Ethical guidelines for Human Research Participants. During the workshop UCIREC team educated UWOCASO staff, about the National regulatory bodies and the importance of understanding their requirements when developing research projects.
The team was taken through various documents, procedures that are needed for a successful research study. Which included; details of informed consent, Logs, (Standard Operations Procedures) SOPS, designing a study protocol and compliances, Maria emphasized the need to understand the parties involved in any research study and must be well understood by each party at the beginning of the project. She informed the trainees that the parties in question include donors, sponsors and investigators to understand each other’s roles and responsibilities.
She emphasized that the relationship between parties must be legally binding. The training built UWOCASO’S capacity and prepared the institution for future research projects.
This work has been supported by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) challenges grant.

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