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Apr 2012

UWOCASO Linked to (RRI)

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Ann Steyn was in Uganda for a two days volunteers training for breast cancer survivors and members of UWOCASO. It was a great opportunity for UWOCASO to be linked to Reach for Recovery International a program affiliated to International Union Against cancer (UICC). The training was meant to prepare women who have personally experienced breast cancer to offer practical and emotional support to patients undergoing breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, educate communities about the disease and to advocate for a cancer policy in the country. At the end of the meeting 25 breast cancer survivors were trained and fully equipped with the necessary skills to go out as living witnesses that the battle against breast cancer can be won!\r\n\r\nann\r\n\r\nThe meeting was opened by Dr. Anthony Gakwaya, senior consultant surgeon at Mulago Hospital and a physician advisor to UWOCASO. In his speech he showed his commitment to support advocates and volunteers in their struggles to improve the plight and quality of life of breast cancer patients in Uganda.\r\n

Dr. Jane Faulal a senior surgeon at Mulago Hospital clearly discussed breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. She cautioned participant to always practice breast self examination because 70% of cases are diagnosed by patients themselves. She emphasized that breast self examination is the only convenient and affordable means by women given economic state Ugandans are in.

\r\nDr. Jackson Oryem, Director of Uganda cancer Institute identified the need to involve survivors and volunteers on the multi-disciplinary team of cancer care givers as a way of improving the quality of life and to make better decisions from the available treatment options. He also emphasized the government need to boost the country’s potential to diagnose and treat breast cancer.\r\n\r\ntrainingThe training was covered by the press so the public is aware of what the trainees can offer. The training was made possible by the support of Susan G. Komen for the cure, Uganda Women Health Initiative (UWHI) a Collaboration between University College London, Mulago Hospital, Makerere University and hospice Africa and Reach for Recovery International (RRI). Thanks to the organizing committee chaired by Speciosa Kabwegyere.

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Dec 2011

Rotarians’ Action Against Cancer

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On 10 December 2011, Kasangati Rotary Club held a one day cancer screening camp on the theme “bridging the cancer Gap” at Kasangati Health Center III. Uganda Women’s Cancer Support Organization (UWOCASO) partnered with the organizers to educate the residents and non- residents of Kasangati community about breast and cervical cancer, counseling the screened women and giving testimonies to the public. Other stakeholders were; Nsambya hospital, Nakaseero Blood Bank, Center for Tobacco Control in Africa(CTCA) and Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI). Over 100 children were immunized and over 500 women were  screened  for breast and cervical cancers.\r\n\r\nThe Rotary International President (RIP) Kalyan Banerjee, from the Rotary Club of Vapi, Gujarat, India who was the guest of      honor, in his speech argued the government to conduct research to find why cancer is rampant in Uganda and also argued voluntary organizations to step up their humanitarian’s assistance to the vulnerable society. He pledged to support the government in conducting research.\r\n\r\nActivities of the day were;\r\nScreening services\r\nCounseling\r\nCancer education/ health talks\r\nSurvivor testimonies\r\nBlood donation\r\n\r\nSponsored by;\r\n\r\nCentenary Bank and Kasangati Rotary Club.

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