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Cancer Awareness and Screening Campaign in Ntinda

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Cancer Awareness and Screening Campaign in Ntinda

5th November 2015

Kampala Uganda October 18th, 2015. Uganda Women’s Cancer Support Organisation (UWOCASO) In partnership with Uganda Cancer Institute Partnership with African Initiative for Relief & Development.(AIRD)organized a cancer awareness campaign with activities of Breast, Cervical and Prostate cancer education & screening at St Charles Lwanga Catholic Church Ntinda Kampala. Men and women turned up in numbers to show their commitment to the fight against cancer. The campaign was organized to raise awareness and to offer free breast and cervical screening for women and prostate cancer for men above 45years, counseling and link identified cancer cases to appropriate diagnosistic and treatment centers demystify negative attitudes and myths towards cancer, mobilize women to go for breast and cervical cancer screening under the theme “Nobody Should Fight Cancer Alone”Over Hundred men and women were educated for Breast, Cervical and Prostate Cancers and screened Breast cancer.

Doctors were considering for all women who were not breast feeding and weaning at less than 2 months & Cervical cancer screening was considered for were not in menstruation, pregnant just delivered mothers and sexually active women and those who were Psychologically ready who were ready to be screened and prostate to men who were above 45 were written down and follow up has already done by UCI. A wider population learnt cancer and other aspects of prevention, control and management, signs and symptoms of the disease in Uganda.Huge number of men and women were educated for Breast, cervical and prostate cancers Over 100 women screened at the end of the day, all people who attended the camp were registered and all men who wanted to screen their prostate were all linked to Uganda cancer Institute for screening.

IEC materials were produced and distributed to all people who turned up, wider understanding of cancer and other aspects of prevention, control and management, signs and symptoms of the disease, improved knowledge about early signs of breast, cervical and prostate cancers.Other activities of the day included cancer educational sessions by Uganda Cancer Institute educator and UWOCASO team members, breast and cervical sharing testimonies by cancer survivors from UWOCASO, screening by Uganda Cancer Institute and all women who attended cancer educational sessions and 85 women were screened for breast and cervical cancers.In addition UWOCASO members also addressed all people on breast and cervical cancers prevention and diagnosis on all our social networks of Facebook and Website. Funded by; African Initiatives for Relief & Development (AIRD)