Cancer Awareness and Screening in Kitgum

Cancer Awareness and Screening in Kitgum

Cancer Awareness and Screening in Kitgum

Kampala Uganda October 10th, 2015. Uganda Women’s Cancer Support Organisation (UWOCASO) concluded the month of breast cancer awareness activities with Breast cancer education & screening. In conjunction with Oncology for Africa and St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum organized a cancer camp from 5th -10th October 2015.Participants turned up in numbers regardless of age, sex, religious affiliation, nationality, political, social and economic status to show their commitment to the fight against cancer.

The camp was organized to raise awareness and offer a free breast and cervical cancer screening for women in Kitgum district, to increase awareness about the importance of screening, Breast Self Examination, the importance of Early Detection of breast and other cancers under the theme “Nobody Should Fight Cancer Alone”Over Thousand people were educated for Breast and Cervical Cancers and screened Breast cancer and Doctors were considering for all women who were not breast feeding and weaning at less than 2 months & Cervical cancer screening was considered for were not in menstruation, pregnant just delivered mothers and sexually active women and those who were Psychologically ready who were ready to be screened. A wider population learnt cancer and other aspects of prevention, control and management, signs and symptoms of the disease in Uganda.About 1280 women screened both cervical and breast cancer during the campaign, 2700 people were sensitized about the risk factors, signs, importance of screening, BSE and early treatment of breast, cervical and other cancers, strengthened partnerships between Oncology for Africa, SJHK and UWOCASO, 5000 fliers both in English and LUO for BSE, cervical cancer facts were distributed to the population, at the campaign SJHK were able to do routine free cervical and breast cancer screening, reduction on stigma, myths and misconception about cancer.

Other activities of the day included cancer educational sessions by UWOCASO team members, breast and cervical sharing testimonies by cancer survivors from UWOCASO, screening by a team from St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum. Two Thousand women attended cancer educational sessions and 2763 women were screened for breast and cervical cancers. A week after the event a number of women contacted UWOCASO offices for screening services.At the beginning of October, UWOCASO held a press conference on 01st October 2015, which was attended by more than 25 media houses to launch October Breast Cancer Month with a cancer camp in Kitgum District October 5th-10th 2015. This was held at UWOCASO Office Ntinda Kampala. This was aimed at informing the public about the increasing incidences of cancer in Uganda which was a driving force for UWOCASO and partners to increase awareness in rural communities through organizing such events. UWOCASO hosted various media houses to announce the campaign, increase awareness and bring to attention of the public the need for screening and early detection and treatment. Survivor stories also appeared in various newspapers throughout the month.

These programs had a great impact on the population. Record and Delta TVs and XFM Radio being some of the host TVs and Radios for October programs registered two hundred women who needed breast and cervical cancer screening. In response to media programs during the period, over 400 people contacted UWOCASO office to access various cancer information which included cancer screening, survivorship information, accessing prosthesis, bras and diagnostic services.In addition UWOCASO members also addressed all people on breast and cervical cancers prevention and diagnosis on all our social networks of Facebook and Website. We thank our Funder Oncology for Africa from Italy and our Partners of St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum for the activities in this campaign.

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